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  • We will not try and sell you anything!
  • YOU will be blown away by the plan and it will transform your business (read our client's testimonial below)

  All we want is your honest opinion of our Photography Marketing Plan ... we know you'll be impressed! Obviously we'd like to use your review (with a link to your webiste) on this site to help our future sales. We will only use genuine testimonials and we want one of them to be yours ... As soon as we have between 5 and 10, this free offer will go ... the price will be $297 ... please don't miss out on this exclusive offer!

Richard Taylor - Senior Consultant, Vantage Marketing Solutions

Stop chasing new business. That's what everyone else does. It's time to be different if you want better results, and we'd guess that you do because you've come to this site!

Fact! It’s much smarter and a lot less stressful if you put in place strategies that will have clients coming to you instead of you looking for them!

If you're struggling to grow your photography business, then you owe it to yourself to take a couple of minutes to read about our unique approach to marketing, because what you read could change your business fortunes forever.

The marketing plan we put together for Shane, one of our offline clients, certainly changed his photography business ...

What Our Client Said ...


This stuff is absolute gold dust!

Your plan is specific, individually tailored to me and my business, and filled with precise, achievable, and very inexpensive steps that I can take here and now to bring in more customers, improve my website’s rankings, and start earning me more money.

It is full of insight into the sort of things I have to consider day-to-day, and proposes some brilliant ideas for drumming up new leads (one in particular stands out). As I read each page I found myself saying, ‘yes, yes!’ as if someone had shone a big bright light over me and made me wake up. I feel as if I have been bumbling along in the dark up until now, and can suddenly see myself running a serious business in a busy, competitive field with confidence and, for the first time, a genuine system for sustained success.

I am really excited about the future. I have already started and will continue to act upon the proposals in the plan daily. I have a sense of clarity, optimism, and direction. I know this is going to make a huge difference, and I can’t wait to start turning things around.
I can't thank you enough!

Shane Young 

The good news is that you too can get your hands on this exclusive marketing plan that has transformed Shane's business.

When we met Shane he was struggling to find new clients outside of friends and family, even though his portfolio was stunning. His marketing was simply not working. We're glad to say, as you can see above, that the marketing plan we put together for him is breathing new life in to his business. New clients are now coming to him! 

Our marketing strategies are not about:

  • branding your business 
  • designing fancy logos 
  • or paying out on expensive advertising. 

None of these make any sense for small businesses (contrary to what most marketers will tell you).

Instead we focus on simple, cost effective marketing strategies that will attract more clients than you can cope with, clients who will want to pay you premium prices to guarantee your services. Are you interested in receiving those kind of clients?   

Without doubt, this is the leading marketing plan being offered right now that is specifically written for photographers. How do we know? Because it's focused on delivering great results with strategies that no one else is teaching!

When you buy this marketing plan for your business, you’ll learn how to quickly implement a number of specific, but simple strategies that will allow you to dominate your local market.

One particular strategy will guarantee your diary is full of wedding bookings for years to come! Our client’s eyes lit up when he saw this. He knew straight away that it was something special, a strategy that would literally transform his business forever! It can transform yours too!

Ask yourself these questions ...

  • Are you tired with spending your weekends at expensive wedding fairs when you should be busy photographing actual weddings instead? 
  • Are you fed up with spending your money on expensive advertising that does nothing but drain your bank account further? 
  • Have you got a beautiful web site showcasing your stunning portfolio that you know deep down nobody visits? 

This is your chance to change all that!


Here are 20 reasons why you should buy our Photography Marketing Plan today:


It gives you lots of cheap and effective strategies for attracting tons of new leads quickly
It shows you how to maximise the amount every new client spends with you
It teaches you how to differentiate your business from your competitors
It provides you with a business model for rapid growth that can be easily applied to any business
It uncovers the hidden value of regular client communication
It reveals simple tips for multiplying the number of clients your web site generates
It explains an essential but often overlooked step that maximises your profits
It lays down the exact steps you need to take to drive lots of targeted visitors to your web site
It shows you how to leverage the marketing efforts of other businesses for huge returns
It teaches you how to systemize your marketing processes to maximise your lead generation
It details the steps needed to position your business so that you can charge more for your service
It explains how and why you must integrate your clients into your selling process
It identifies one simple strategy that is guaranteed to generate a stampede of new clients
It provides you with a brilliant way to generate new ideas to improve every aspect of your business
It reveals how you can identify and exploit opportunities for grabbing free publicity
It shows you how to identify sources of targeted prospects that you can easily turn into clients
It teaches you how to write adverts that will stand you out from the crowd
It explains direct response marketingand why it will fill your diary with new bookings
It will leave you with a concise marketing blueprint for growing your business for years to come
It will provide you with a fasttrack marketing education that many take years to aquire


Our offline clients pay us around $700 for a consultation and a personalised marketing plan.  But you can get hold of the exact same plan we provided to Shane for much less. 

Our Photography Marketing Plan can be yours for just $297!

At $297 it’s amazing value.  Just compare it to the cost of a Yellow Pages ad or a listing on Yell.  If it only brings you one new wedding booking, the fact is it will still typically represent a 500% return on investment!

The truth is, when you apply our marketing strategies you will generate a ton of new business, not just an odd booking!

In reality our marketing plan is much more than just marketing strategies. The fact is, it will literally give you a whole new way of thinking as to the way you need to run your business in the future. We guarantee you will change your whole approach overnight.

We know how powerful this specific marketing plan is. Selling it from this web site is just an interim step to help photographers like yourself whilst providing us with genuine client testimonials for us to use in our marketing materials.

Our goal is to build a franchise brand around the concepts in this plan! As soon as we are ready to launch the franchise we will pull this offer down and focus on growing a national brand! We know how good the strategies and systems are in our plan and we know they will work for any photographer anywhere when they apply them.

Finally, if you're thinking right now that $297 sounds a lot for a marketing plan, think of it this way ...

You're not buying a plan, the reality is you're buying knowledge and ideas that will make you a lot of money. There's a well known story about an old guy that was well known for repairing ships. The owner of a liner contacted him and asked him if he would take a look at his ship. The old guy went on board and looked around for five minutes. Then he took out a hammer and tapped on a pipe. The ships engine came to life. The owner was delighted and asked how much he owed the old man. The old man wrote on a piece of paper and passed it to the owner. He gasped as he read the figure $10,000! He asked the old man how he could justify such a fee for five minutes work? The old man replied "it's $5 for tapping the pipe and $9,995 for knowing where to tap!"

We know many of you will not buy our plan as you're not ready deep down to take your business to the next level, and that's fine. What this means though for the minority of you who are ready to buy, is you'll be part of a small exclusive group who have access to our powerful growth strategies, and as such have a huge competitive advantage over your competition.

At this point, if you're sitting on the fence, we have a guarantee for you ...

If at any time in the next 365 days, you find a better photography product for sale for less, or you simply fail to find success with our strategies, we will refund your purchase immediately with no questions asked, and you'll get to keep your plan what have you got to lose?

Afterall, its in our interest to ensure you are 100% happy with your purchase so that we get your glowing reviews. The last thing we can afford is to risk the reputation of our consultancy business, Vantage Marketing Solutions through adverse reviews of this site.

In summary, we're offering you the opportunity to transform your photography business at a hugely discounted online price, and this all comes with a 365 day money back guarantee!

So get off the fence and make the best investment you'll ever make in your business!


Offline Price $697, Online Price Only $297, You Save $400

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